How Do We Support Our Franchisees?

Support and training are an integral part of our franchise system. Our initial training will last approximately 6 weeks (there is a lot to learn) and will be conducted in one of our company-owned locations in Miami, Florida.

Initial Franchise Training

The initial training occurs 75 days prior to the opening of your restaurant. In addition to your attendance, we request that you bring your general manager, kitchen manager and up to two (2) additional employees to complete our initial training program. In addition, two of our representatives will be at your site for up to seven (7) days, in coordination with the opening of your restaurant. If you need to bring additional team members, please let us know as we accommodate as many as necessary to ensure you are well prepared prior to your opening.

Your training program is intensive and covers front-of-house to back-of-house operations, including:

  • Recipes and Food-Prep Procedures
  • Quality and Service Standards
  • Inventory Procedures
  • Equipment and Safety
  • Brand Compliance
  • Food Safety
  • Sanitation and Health Code Compliance
  • Best Hiring Practices

On-Going Marketing Support

Once you open your Latin Cafe location our team will be contact with you on a regular basis, but we are only a phone call away if you need us. One of the benefits of being part of our system is that we have built a brand and marketing strategy that works. We handle the development of your local website that will be part of our main domain and all marketing collateral that you will use on a day-to-day basis, including your digital marketing, social care and social media presence.

Here are a few of the marketing services that we provide for our franchisees:

  • Local Website Design and Maintenance
  • Social Media Design and Monitoring
  • SEO of the Latin Cafe Main URL
  • SEO of Your Local Page Within Our Domain
  • Periodic Facebook Boosted Posts
  • Setup and Monitoring of All Online Listings
  • Design of All POS Material
  • Access to Our Marketing Team For Local Banners and Advertisement
  • Disbursement of All Specials Via Social Media Channels and Website
  • Press Releases on Newsworthy Items From Your Community

Operational Support

We have a philosophy that dictates our company culture at the Latin Cafe Our belief is that on-going field support should be focused on education and training and not auditing and policing. Our field visits will be to help you solve any issues and provide feedback on improving your operation. We also understand that we should obsess over your bottom line. Our financial reporting and benchmarking helps you make money—and we know that is important to you.

We will also be very involved in the managing the supply chain. Our focus is to help you save money by ensuring that all of our strategic partners understand that objective. If we have to squeeze a vendor to ensure that you are getting the best pricing— we will!

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