Full Service or Express Model?

latin food franchiseThe Latin Cafe offers two models: Full Service and Express.

The Latin Cafe 2000 Full Service model will typically have between 2,800-4,000 of square feet of indoor space and an outdoor patio area; while the Latin Cafe 2000 Express will have between 1,200-1,800 square foot of indoor space with an optional outdoor patio area.

The decision of which location you will open is based on a number of criteria that we will evaluate during the process.

Your Experience

You don’t need restaurant industry experience to open a Latin Cafe 2000 restaurant. However, without the proven experience in restaurant operations, we will ask you to open an Express prior to stepping up the the larger footprint. If you heart is set on opening the larger Full Service model, we have established a list of criteria, including and not limited to, additional training and hiring an experienced restaurant manager for the front and back of the house.


In smaller communities and townships, we believe that the Latin Cafe 2000 could be the best restaurant in town; offering a full service menu (breakfast to dinner). However, we will closely evaluate the community and the competition before deciding which model to open.

Your Financial Strength

The Latin Cafe 2000 Express will cost you between $188,400 and $330,000 to open; while the Latin Cafe 2000 Full Service will cost between $379,733 and $760,1666 to open. Determining exactly what it will cost to open one of our restaurants will depend on many factors including:

  • Is This a New Construction or Second Generation Restaurant?
  • Will The Landlord/Property Owner Be Providing Tenant Improvement Dollars?
  • How Strong Is Your Credit?
  • How Much Liquid Capital Do You Have For The Project?
  • What Is Your Net Worth?
  • Will You Be Using a 401 K Rollover To Finance Your Project?
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