• Company History

    In 1998, a unique market niche for an upscale restaurant featuring traditional Latin-American cuisine was envisioned. We succeeded in obtaining broad market appeal and strong repeat patronage by serving high quality food at very reasonable prices in a pleasant, upscale environment with a distinct look and enhance quality of products and service.

  • View of Latin Cafe
  • The Concept

    The vast majority of Hispanic restaurants in the United States are operated individually. Décor, service and cuisine tend to vary widely throughout this segment of the industry. Since 1998, Latin Café 2000® combines the best of traditional Latin-American fare, with an exciting, tropical and entertaining environment. The concept is distinct that stands alone in this fast growing segment of the restaurant industry.

    The concept fits into the new category of casual full service dining with a Latin flair like no other in the industry. Guests are seated and served at tables by trained and friendly wait staff. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, the menu has a Latin theme with high quality, flavorful, large portion presentations of food.

    The company prides itself on using only fresh products and a new cooking oil that contains 0 grams of Trans Fat per serving. We are committed to quality, service, and your complete satisfaction. Wherever possible, Latin Café 2000® offers outdoor patio seating featuring lush tropical foliage, fountains and current upbeat music.

  • The Menu

    Customers, referred to as guests at Latin Café 2000®, enjoy a wide array of menu items, delicious home made desserts, coffees, beer and wine and can also relax while smoking the company’s special brand of Latin Café 2000® cigars.

    The Executive Chef is always searching for the freshest and least processed alternative for every dish that leaves his kitchen. Everything from the mayonnaise, to the salad dressings, and down to our award winning croquettes and delectable desserts; everything is made fresh daily. “The company’s signature Cuban Sandwich is such an integral part of the operation, that there is a special “Sandwich Station” visible from almost anywhere in the restaurant. Cuban Sandwiches are constantly made throughout the day, fresh, hot, and delicious.”

    In addition to table and counter seating, all Latin Café 2000® restaurants feature “The Window,” as is customary with many Latin-style restaurants. Guests can order virtually anything from the entire menu, or simply have their favorite Café con Leche and be on their way.

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